06 April 2010

I have been trying to stay out of the devops arguments but it seems that they are slowly devolving into religious wars. It seems that each group ie. devops and non-devops is convinced that they are in possession of “eternal self-evident truths” and that everyone else is unenlightened hater or similar.  Proof in point is following post


Brian describes their devops process which seems reasonable to me. What is most important is that it works for him, his group and his site.

Unfortunately comments devolve from there. A non-devops person raises a good point about the process however does it with poor style and insulting language. Response is to compare devops and non-devops approach with giving man a fish vs. teaching someone to fish. It goes from there. It’s all just too silly. Firstly I am not aware of definite devops definition. Secondly every environment is different. What may work for you may not work everywhere else. I really doubt that continuous deployment would work if your web app was used in providing emergency medical care. That said things have changed and availability expectations have increased so cooperation between development and ops is critical. Therefore let’s try to stop with the silly arguments and try to learn from each other. Most of all avoid insulting language. I realize we all get frustrated at times but it really devalues your view.