20 August 2012

Few weeks ago I posed a question on Twitter whether there would be interest to organize a webops hackathon   I am close to getting confirmation for conference space at Microsoft NERD for October 11, 2012. Now comes the hard part :-). We need to figure out what format should hackathon and unconference take as well as what topics we should talk about. There is going to be a monitoring conference at the end of March spearheaded by Jason Dixon (@obfuscurity) so we may want to leave out monitoring topics.

In a nutshell we need to decide

  1. How much of the event should be a hackathon and how much should be an (un)conference

  2. If we want talks what topics should we seek talks for e.g. continuous integration, noSQL, site scalability, etc.

  3. Name of the event :-)

If you have any ideas send me an e-mail conference X vuksan.com (replace X with you know what).