18 May 2014

As you may have heard Bosnia, Serbia and in smaller part Croatia are facing worst floods ever in recorded history


There are a number of ways to donate. Here are few that are being posted on Twitter from



I have not seen an easy way on those sites for people in the US to make donation. However Croatian Red Cross allows on-line donations with proceeds being transferred to Bosnian and Serbian Red Cross. You can read about it here


The only drawback is donation page is in Croatian :-( so here is a quick guide.


On this page you will need to pick who you are donating to

  • Pomoć za poplavljena područja u Bosni i Hercegovini - Aid for flooded regions of Bosnia

  • Pomoć za poplavljena područja u Srbiji - Aid for flooded regions of Serbia

  • Pomoć za poplavljena područja u Hrvatskoj - Aid for flooded regions of Croatia

Pick the amount and currency e.g. 25 USD.

Click on Autorizacija Kreditne kartice. Next screen will include your confirmation as well as currency exchange into Croatian Kunas e.g.

10 CAD (50.90 KN)

1 Canadian Dollar is about 5 Kunas so don’t despair :-).

Payment info will look like this


  • Ime is name

  • Prezime Last Name

  • Adresa - Address

  • Grad - City

  • Poštanski Broj - Postal Code

  • Država - Country

  • Telefonski broj - telephone number

Click Doniraj and that should be it.