09 March 2017

Recently at Fastly we have been gradually turning off TLS v1.0 and v1.1 support due to PCI mandate to deprecate them. You can read about the deprecation policy here.

We also recently received couple reports from customers about some of the Android 4.x users not being able to access some of these end points. During the investigation I found following SSLLabs issue


which had a pointer to this post about different vendors packaging a version of Google Chrome as their own built in browser


Unfortunately it appears that some vendors notably Samsung standardized on version of Chrome which did not have TLS v1.2 support e.g. Chrome 28. Can I Use site has a nice table of TLS v1.2 support


This is clearly a major hassle as it may force you to keep TLS 1.0/1.1 around for longer than you’d like or educate users to install latest Google Chrome from the Play Store. To get a better understanding what the experience may look like is I tested it on my Android 4.2 table and this is what it it looks like

This is what the built-in browser capabilities are

Android 4.2 Built-in Browser capabilities

Unfortunately this will result in a very nasty error that says secure connection cannot be established

Android 4.2 Built-in Browser error

Same device with Google Chrome installed passes the capability test with flying colors

Android 4.2 Chrome browser capabilities