03 January 2012

I have a need in my development environment to easily create/drop mySQL databases and users. Initially I was gonna implement a simple hacky HTTP GET method but was dissuaded by Ben Black from doing so. He suggested I write a proper RESTful interface. Without further ado I present to you dbrestadmin


It is my first foray into writing RESTful services so things may be rough around the edges. However it allows you to do following

  • manage multiple database servers

  • create/drop databases

  • list databases

  • create/drop users

  • list users

  • give user grants

  • view grants given to the user

  • view database privileges on a particular database given to a user

For example need to create a database called testdb on dbserver ID=0 use this cURL command

curl -X POST http://myhost/dbrestadmin/v1/databases/0/dbs/testdb

Create a user test2 with password test

curl -X POST "http://localhost:8000/dbrestadmin/v1/databases/0/users/test2@localhost" -d "password=test"

Give test2 user all privileges on testdb

curl -X POST "http://localhost:8000/dbrestadmin/databases/0/users/test2@'localhost'/grants" -d "grants=all privileges&database=testdb"

There is more. You can see all of the methods here


Improvements and constructive criticism welcome